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Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing With A 20 Year Guarantee!

If you're considering replacing your flat roof, you should considering Fibreglass as your roof covering. The 20 year guarantee is superior to that of other felt, asphalt and EPDM systems, who typically offer 10 years.

What is the real name of the system? The true name of the system is GRP, which stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester. The system is also often described as fibreglass.

So why is the guarantee longer with Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)? Fibreglass roofing systems are seamless, meaning no joints, such as in felt or rubber systems. The system is also extremely resistant to UV, so anther victory over other systems that may dry out and split. For these reasons alone, reputable roofing contractors can offer longer guarantees with the GRP system. We are log term accredited members of the National Federation Of Roofing Contractors, which firmly stamps our place as a reputable and trusted contractor. More Info on our company can be viewed here

Why choose Barris to undertake the project?

We were early birds in training and offering GRP systems in the roofing industry. As such, we have now completed hundreds of installations in Surrey, London and the South. All of our operators are trained in GRP installations by the manufacturers of the products and we only use trusted, well reputed suppliers such as SIG to purchase high end products. 50% of our annual completed work is GRP & we have 5 teams of uniformed ad trained roofers, meaning low waiting times. You can check our Checkatrade reviews here.

How do I get my free no-obligation estimate?

Send us an email, or give our office a call to arrange an inspection. Estimates are usually sent to you via email the following day. Our two roof inspectors are highly trained & experienced in all aspects of the GRP system, along with all matters roofing. We have hundreds of happy customers all over Surrey county, which can be verified on our Checkatrade page.


I've had a failed GRP installation. Can you help?

Absolutely. We would estimate 30-40% of our annual GRP installations are correctional. GRP is a fantastic system when installed correctly and by the book. It also requires a lot of skill and knowledge, which isn't always obvious to inexperienced builders and roofers trying out the system for the first time. Factors such as expansion joints and catalyst proportions are crucial, and training and experience are vital in a good, clean and seamless installation.

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Contact Us to arrange a free no-obligation estimate, or continue reading for more information on GRP (fibreglass) roof systems.

Benefits of a GRP Fibreglass Flat Roof

  • Long 20 year guarantee
  • Seamless system - No laps/joints to cause issues
  • Extremely resistant to UV rays
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish and choice of colours
  • Cold applied - No hot works or flame required 
  • New roof deck installed with every installation
  • Excellent environmental profile
  • Proven pedigree to BS Standards
  • Manufacturer training - ensuring high standards of workmanship

More information on Glass Reinforced Polyester:

Despite operating in the Surrey area for over 30 years, we have just set up a new office in Godstone. We offer a full service to the whole Surrey area, but our most common project in the area seems to be fibreglass (GRP) flat roofing. GRP (or glass reinforced polyester) is the number 1 choice at the moment for flat roofing solutions. It can also be applied to bay windows or box gutters, giving a clean, sharp & tidy look to your property. 

For those of us that are aesthetically minded, GRP is also the best option. The standard top coat is dark grey in colour, and looks far superior to its felt roofing rival. Fibreglass is fire retardant, is cold applied (so not hot flame work) & carries a 20 year guarantee. We are expert manufacturer approved installers of the Scott Bader CrysticRoof system, which is a high quality brand with experience in fibreglass spanning way back. Scott Bader are responsible for many boat/yacht projects, so they really know their stuff! We are trained and approved directly by Scott Bader, allowing us to purchase their premium roofing product.
We are also trained and accredited installers of Cure-it, Cromar & Fi-Glass roofing systems, and our scope ranges from domestic homes to commercial and industrial properties.

GRP is an excellent choice for those hard to reach, fiddly areas. It is flexible whilst still retaining its aesthetically pleasing finish. The system is always installed on a new roof deck (OSB 18mm board) & lends itself to flexible insulation options. The system is also flexible when pipework protrudes the roof surface, or house walls need extended up stands. 

The system is a brilliant solution for balconies and terraces, and can be adapted with slate granule to form a non slip surface. This is compliant with building regs relating to balconies and terraces.
Different colour options are available, although any colour other than dark grey usually involves a small charge from the product manufacturers as it is made to order. 

The 20 year guarantee with the system offers you, the client, guaranteed peace of mind to what is deemed a troublesome area of roofing (flat roofing). Despite some seams in the matting being visible from close up, the system lays as a continuous layer, meaning no laps or joints to cause a problem in the future.

The deck is prepared first of all (always screwed, never just nailed). It is perfectly acceptable to overlay an existing deck if it structurally sound (we always strip the covering of course). Insulation may not allow this at times, but we can advise you on this upon inspection. Secondly, the joints in the decking are reinforced with fibreglass matt tape & the pre formed GRP trims are applied. Its the matting layer next, which is combined with resin. The resin breaks down the matting forming a continuos seamless fibreglass layer. Once that layer is cured (usually around 30 mins subject to the weather), the final 'top coat' is applied. the top coat is also a hardened layer which is activated with a catalyst. The result is a lovely looking clean roof, with a 20 year guarantee. The best of both worlds!

Our systems are perfect for flat roofs, balconies, walkways and bay window roofs. We have also completed some very large commercial installations topping 500m2. In 98% of cases, we finish our Glass Reinforced Polyester projects with lead cover flashings. If lead theft is a threat, we can use pre-formed fibreglass trims to seal the system to adjoining walls.

Again, Why Choose Us?

Looking at a fibreglass roof, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is an easy system to install. Of course, in reality it isn't, and there are many elements that require the expertise that we can offer. The decking must be laid with room for expansion. A crucial element to GRP roofing. The trims require correct placement & trimming, and the system itself is dependant on ratios between catalyst and resin/material. On top of that, GRP roofing is still 'roofing' & experience and expertise in flat roofing is a crucial element in delivering a professional job. The material can be messy, and we are experienced enough to keep your property as clean as we found it.

GRP is so much a specialist area, that some firms are dedicated solely to GRP roofing. We are effectively one of those firms, with a team dedicated to year round GRP projects. We employ 10 staff & will not sub contract your project outside of our company. We use the best materials, and have trained in the installation directly from the manufacturers. We don't use cheap labour. We adhere to our guarantees, so we make sure the job is expertly executed!

We are members of the NFRC, who are the leading governing body for roofing contractors. The NFRC randomly check our company for workmanship and the running/admin elements to ensure we are still of a standard to proudly use their logo.

We really know our stuff when it comes to GRP!

We can usually price up your GRP roof from meterage & one or two photographs. We are happy to visit you to view property if preferred by you. Our meterage rates are somewhere close to £100+vat per m2 supplied and fitted. This includes the new decking, but excludes any insulation. 100mm rigid board insulation would usually add close to £37+vat per m2, plus £99+vat for lead if required to make up the additional fall into the guttering that arises from adding an extra 100mm to the roof deck height. Between joist rock wool, type insulation can be installed at cheaper cost, but it effectiveness is reflected in the price.

Tricky projects with many trims will take longer & may be slightly more expensive, whilst easier projects could go the other way. We can cut costs on scaffolding in certain cases, by using an aluminium tower, or other safety measures that conform to H&S guidelines.

The average project of 18m2 will take us roughly 2 working days to complete.

GRP is finished against abutments with pre formed 'simulated lead' flashings. Some cases require actual lead, but the simulated lead is the standard solution. It is a pre formed GRP trim, and it is excellent for eliminating lead theft worries that can occur from low level roofs.

Barris Roofing Ltd can offer you:

  • Guarantees on all work
  • NFRC Accredited Service
  • Full Insurance (Including hot works)
  • Polite, Trained & Uniformed Staff
  • A Trusted Service, Long Established Since 1984

On top of this, we can boast:

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